Modern LotFP Character Creation

Below are the rules changes for bringing LotFP character creation into a modern setting. If it’s not mentioned here, assume that it’s the same as the original rules.

The Wealth rules are completely untested, but I’m looking for an extremely simple way to handle the nightmares of modern finance. It seems like a fool’s errand to make a price list for every relevant equipment in the contemporary world, so it makes sense to me to see if a character is able to get a hold of the good stuff instead of managing a bank account.



There is no difference between occultists who draw their power from deities and those who draw them from demons, extra-dimensional rifts, or their own will. Besides, God doesn’t listen to us anymore.

All Cleric spells are now Magic-User spells and the Cleric class is no longer an option.


This class remains largely unchanged from that which appears in the book. In a modern setting a Fighter character can be anything from a police officer, a thug, a martial arts enthusiast, or just someone with a talent for hurting other people.


Mostly unchanged although they now have access to the Cleric spell list. Should a spell appear on both the Cleric and Magic-User spell lists, the Magic-User level requirements take precedence.


These characters are highly skilled and are able to perform tasks or find information that would be impossible for people without the proper training. They can be scholars, urban explorers, computer scientists, private investigators, etc.

The skill list has been adjusted to a modern setting:

  • Architecture
  • Climbing
  • Computers (Used for both computer hardware and software, bypassing electronic security, etc.)
  • Investigation (Takes the place of “Search” and works largely the same way. However, it can also be used to find relevant information in a library or on the internet. These research checks should be rolled in secret by the Referee and the accuracy of the information should always be suspect.)
  • Languages
  • Larceny (Represents general criminal talent, including breaking and entering, pick pocketing, and fraud.)
  • Lore (This skill represents immediate recall of relevant information not presented to the players during the game. A focus must be selected to narrow down the information recalled (e.g. local history, occultism, British literature)
  • Mechanical (Making use of heavy machinery or sophisticated tools.)
  • Sneak Attack
  • Stealth
  • Survival (Replacing Bushcraft, this skill represents general survival skills that are needed in wilderness or remote locations.)

If a player wants a skill that is not represented on this list they are able to create a custom skill as long as they are in agreement with the Referee on how the skill functions.


A character’s occupation is what the do when they aren’t being chased by unholy abominations or crawling through muddy catacombs. When creating an occupation choose two of the following options:

  • Two skill points to be distributed into any skill.
  • One additional wealth point.
  • One useful and friendly contact.
  • One free Equipment item.

You may select the same option twice.


Rather than gold pieces characters have a Wealth rating of 1-3 points. A single Wealth point would represent just barely making ends meet, two would represent having moderate disposable income, and three points would represent financial security.

All characters begin with 1 Wealth point.

Wealth points are used to purchase key items such as firearms, gadgets, and survival equipment. To purchase an item, roll 1d6. A result equal or less than the number of Wealth points means that the character was easily able to acquire the item without any problems. Failure means that the character was not able to afford or find the item with their resources.

A Wealth point can be used to automatically gain the item. Subtract this point from the character’s Wealth rating until the end of the session. This can be done multiple times, but reducing a Wealth rating to 0 will result in significant financial problems for the character, such as eviction or being sued.

A character can choose to go into debt. To do this, they will gain one wealth point but will have their starting Wealth rating reduced by one for the next session, after which the Wealth rating will return to normal.

Character Advancement

Characters gain experience by uncovering information and surviving deadly situations. When encountering a malevolent entity, characters gain their listed XP bonus for either escaping or killing the creature. The XP value of revealed information ranges from 100-1000 XP, depending on the value and sanity-shattering potential of the discovery.


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